Frequently asked questions

Is sailing dangerous ?

Navigation at sea requires a serious attitude and can carry some risk if you treat it carelessly.

That is why your safety is a top priority for your skipper, who was trained in the school of navigation with special emphasis on the secure access to the sea. This leads to the choice of the ship and cruise program, adapted to the access to the sea in certain weather conditions. Also, the skipper takes the right to cancel the port exit if weather conditions are unfavorable for this. In addition, before the start of the cruise the guests will be instructed on safety aboard, it will allow the participants to feel confident during the entire cruise. Following the instructions from the skipper ensures your total safety on board.

Does navigation require any physical training or special skills ?

Navigation does not require from the members of our cruises any special physical effort. At the same time, sailing is still a sport, and even if you do not participate in the maneuvers, it would be better to have a minimum physical training.
Naturally, the program of the cruise will be fully adapted to fit your training and will require a minimum of physical effort, so you can fully enjoy your staying.

May I and will I participate in the ship handling  ?

The skipper is solely responsible for the course of the vessel and navigation. However, if you wish to participate in the management of the vessel (sailing, lifting and adjusting the sails) or navigation (GPS, mapping a route), the skipper will gladly teach you and explain how to act. Also, the skipper may need your help when entering / leaving ports (training will be provided prior to the cruise), especially during the summer when it will be difficult for the skipper to handle the ship alone.
Moreover, we can offer adapted programs with an emphasis on seamanship to those who want to learn navigation.

Is it possible to sail with children ?

Children are welcomed from 5 years and more. The presence of a child does not require any special changes on board. For a comfortable sailing in the Antille,s a protective net will be provided (optional).

Can I choose the sailing area ?

We offer basic programs in the Mediterranean in summer and in the Antilles in winter, but we can also arrange a cruise anywhere in the world according to the season. If you have specific wishes about the area, we will be happy to send you a proposal for a program and itinerary.

Will I have seasick ?

Motion sickness occurs because of a sensory conflict, when the inner ear, the eyes and other parts of the body send contradictory signals to the brain. Thus one part of the vestibular system detects that the body is in motion, while the other part does not recognize it.

Our programs and navigation period (from 2 to 3 hours in the morning and from 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon) are designed in such a way that will allow you as soon as possible to get used to the course of the ship, as well as allow you to avoid motion sickness.

Some factors (cold, lack of sleep, excessive drinking the night before, and hunger) increase the risk of motion sickness. The skipper will explain to you how to avoid sea sickness or in the case of symptoms, advise the appropriate medication.

What’s about toilets and showers ?

Ours vessels are equipped with shower and toilets. During stops in ports, you can use the toilets and shower in the capitainerie of the port.

How long cruises last ?

We organize cruises according to your wishes. These programs may last from 2 to 14 days. We recommend you to book a program from 7 to 14 days, that will allow you to adapt better and feel the specifics of a sailing trip, to enjoy your cruise and feel like a real sailor.

What are the most important things to take with you on a cruise ?

Windbreaker, special shoes (or sneakers), warm clothing (evenings can be cool), headgear, sunglasses, sunscreen…
Upon booking, you will receive a complete list of needed items.

What about sleeping accommodations ?

It depends on the number of participants in the cruise, as well as their wishes for the distribution of beds (single occupancy, double occupancy, accommodation in the main cabin, etc.). Before departure, we will offer you all the options of accommodation and depending on your choice, the most suitable vessel will be determined.

Do I need to arrange special insurance for a cruise ?

The skipper has professional insurance.

You need to have a specific sport travel insurance (2-3 euros per day).

The vessel will also be insured in advance. However, you must provide a deposit (about 4000 euros), which will be returned at the end of the cruise. This deposit can be used to cover the damage provoked by the customer (intentional damage to the ship, negligence that led to the failure of the vessel).

Can I book a hotel before, after or even during the cruise ?

We can offer you our services for booking hotels at any stage of the cruise.